Original Name : Meitantei Holmes
Arabic Title : Sherlock Holmes
Format : Series
House : TMS / RAI
Date : 1984 - 1985
Duration : 26 episodes
Author : Arthur Conan Doyle

Italian-Japanese co-production between TMS (Tokyo Movie Shinsha) and RAI, Meitantei Holmes was born in 1981 on an idea by Marco Pagot ...
But will not run before 1984. Participation in the project of Miyazaki is famous, but to take the true measure, we must return to the roots of the series.
Translation of the series in various languages:
- Sherlock Hound (English)
- Sherlock Holmes (Spanish)
- It fiuto di Sherlock Holmes (Italian)
- Die Abenteuer des Sherlock Holmes (German)


Under the supervision of Luciano Scaff (boss RAI) and Yutaka Fujioka (boss TMS), pre-production begins in April 1981 under the name of Sherlock Hound: "hound" means dog in English. Receiving the character design developed by the Italians, Hayao Miyazaki, director of the series, starts with his team in the preparatory work. After coming to Japan in August, Scaff and Pagot Marco, and after approval by the Italian Miyazaki storyboards in November, the realization began in early December with the pilot film to become "The small client.
With the participation of the Telecom Animation Film, the realization began under the leadership of Miyazaki and with the backing of the Italians. Due to the nature of co-production (which benefitted a budget well above normal), the series is of exceptional technical quality (well, the episodes totaling more than twice cels that the average time and fluidity of the animation is yours).
But in the summer of 1982, while four episodes are completed (including the first two are already doubled in English) and two more are under construction, stops production net, suspended from the Italian side.
The episodes in question are "The small client", "Ruby Blue", "The treasures of the seabed" and "The disappearance of the sovereign," and two episodes in which the achievement is broken is "The Abduction of Mrs. Hudson "and" The White Cliffs of Dover ", ie" The airmail (the famous episode that foreshadows Porco Rosso, Miyazaki's latest film, whose hero is named Marco Pagot not by chance ...)


Such a project could remain unfinished is elementary!
It's Tokuma Shoten, and indirectly Hayao Miyazaki has yet left the project, which will boost the career of our favorite detective. Encouraged by the editor of the magazine "animage", she is editor, which pre - issue since February 82 on the manga by Miyazaki H. "Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä, Tokuma will program the first part of the feature film Nausicaa (the princess stars in one of its names and truncated version French), a film of Sherlock Hound, the 11/04/84. Thanks to the success of Nausicaä, the series was revived and it takes no more than 7 months the new team, composed among other former employees as Miyazaki and Kenji Hayakawa Seiji Okuda, to complete the series "Meitantei Holmes" in a standard format of 26 episodes of 26 minutes each. The release of the series can begin on TV Asahi from November 6, 1984 until May 20, 1985.
The famous film, Sherlock Hound, it is actually the composite of 2 episodes made by Hayao Miyazaki, "Ruby Blue" and "The Treasure of the Seabed" placed end to end without change of the animation. By cons, there is a multitude of differences with the episodes in TV version. The doublers are not the same, and Holmes, Mrs. Hudson and Lestrade among others have retained their original speech. The music is also redone by Kunio Muramatsu and are less successful than those of K. Haneda. In short, different kinds of dialogue, no opening credits and a new ending theme entitled Bôken No ariba / alibi of adventure, little advantage particularly in the application image very little original plans ...) L assembly is indeed a tone below the TV episodes, but retains the essential: the genius of Miyazaki and technical quality (fluid animation, decor and original design). What is "ample" for broadcast film.

Leader oenore

The experience was even reissued with a second joint meeting on release in August 86 in a new masterpiece by Hayao Miyazaki; Tenku no shiro Laputa / Laputa, Castle in the sky, still unpublished in France. And this time it was the episode "Abduction of Mrs. Hudson" and "aerospace" which are selected, tailored to the charming Mrs. Hudson the giant by Hayao Miyazaki of course!


The series was founded in April 1981 a co-production between 'Italian RAI and Japanese Tokyo Movie Shinsha under the supervision of Hayao Miyazaki, Who also directs the first 6 episodes. However, because of rights problems on the character of Sherlock Holmes and held by the heirs of Doyle, production is stopped when only 4 episodes are completed and 2 are still in production.

Only in March 1984 in Japan are presented with two episodes of the series to accompany the screening of the film feature film sample collection by direct Miyazaki Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind (風 の 谷 の ナウ シカ,, Kaze no tani no Naushika?). This rekindles the series the attention of the Japanese public, as to convince the production to resume entrusting the direction of the remaining 20 episodes Kyosuke Mikuriya.

Thus, in November of 1984The series debuted last 26 episodes on television in Japan on TV Asahi and Italy on Rai Uno. The quality of the product allows the series to become popular in other countries, and Japanese land board gets a great response. In Italy it goes virtually unnoticed, perhaps because, as claimed by the Italian fans, the disastrous position in the schedule made by RAI: in the first run television, in fact, every episode was "broken" into four sections by 5 minutes each, so that 4 days were necessary to see the end of an episode complete (average duration of 20 minutes).

In subsequent years, RAI repeats the series, this time sending full episodes (sometimes two a day), placing them inside the container program for children Big!But the public reception is lukewarm. Even if this second flop, the Italian fans attribute responsibilities television company, accusing it of having poorly publicized the new broadcast series.