1- The Four Signatures
Holmes is returning to England, but while crossing the English Channel, the ship he's on is attacked by pirates who are after one of the passengers. With the aid of another passenger, Dr. John Watson, Holmes attempts to save the day.
2- The Crown of Mazalin
An aristocrat's son is the main suspect after a crown on loan from the Queen goes missing. Holmes is asked to investigate, not knowing Professor Moriarty has been watching the location.
3- A Small Client
Holmes suspects Professor Moriarty for the rising counterfeit money problem in London, but is unable to find any leads until a little girl comes asking Holmes to help her find her cat.
4- Mrs. Hudson is Taken Hostage
Professor Moriarty thinks he has found a weakness in Holmes, his land lady Mrs. Hudson, and so sets about kidnapping her, but things don't go as he planned.
5- The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle
A little girl named Polly pick-pockets a gem Professor Moriarty has just stolen, and he is determined to stop at no end to get it back.
6- The Green Balloon
A mysterious green balloon lands in Holmes' backyard, asking for help as the sender is being held prisoner on Dolphin Island.
7- A Sacred Image Disappears
Moriarty succeeds in stealing a large gold statue, but Holmes is able to track his escape, learning that Moriarty hid it somewhere by the docks, and must find it before Moriarty returns.
8- The Specked Band
A young girl returns to England after several years in America and finds her uncle is not quite who she remembers.
9- Treasure Under the Sea
The Navy asks Holmes and Watson to help them recover a submarine stolen by Professor Moriarty.
10- The White Cliffs of Dover
Someone has been sabotaging England's new Air Mail postal service to Europe, and it's up to Holmes, Watson and Mrs. Hudson to find out who.
11- The Sovereign Gold Coin
Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson are asked to investigate the disappearance of twenty Sovereign Gold Coins from a specially constructed safe.
12- The Stormy Getaway
A large shipment of cash is being taken by carriage across the country, and due to sabotage the police are unable to escort the shipment, and so Holmes is asked to shadow the shipment to ensure it arrives at its destination.
13- The Runaway Freight Car
A freight car in the middle of a passenger train disappears on route to London, and Holmes must figure out how.
14- The Coral Lobster
Moriarty has stolen a collection of diamond-encrusted coral lobster carvings and it's up to Holmes and Watson to track him down.
15- The Golden Statue of Great Burglar
When a bank entire collection of gold is stolen the same night a sculpture disappears, Moriarty becomes the first suspect when sketches of a gold statue in his likeness are found at at the sculpture's house.
16- The Secret of the Sacred Cross Sword
Holmes and Watson are invited to the first unveiling of "The Sacred Sword of the Wizards" in decades, but when the safe containing it is broken into and the sword isn't even touched, it's up to Holmes to figure out why.
17- The Adventure of Thames Monster
A sea monster seems to be attacking ships on the River Thames and devouring them whole, and after a passenger goes missing in one of the attacks and no body can be found, Holmes is called in to find him.
18- The Adventure of the Three Students
Holmes must find three art students on holiday in London from France who have gone missing, while Inspector Lestrade tries to figure out why someone would steal artwork reproductions.
19- The Rosetta Stone
When The Rosetta Stone literally floats away from the British Museum, Holmes wonders if it has to do with various countries' claims to the stone.
20- The White Silver Getaway
Moriarty and his gang manage to steal a shipment of gold, but Inspector Lestrade's investigation is making it difficult for the gang to get the gold out of London. Meanwhile, Holmes and Watson investigates an odd break-in and robbery at a company making a new blimp.
21- The Disappearance of the Splendid Royal Horse
There's a new thief in London, one that puts Moriarty to shame, and their next target appears to be the Queen's favorite horse.
22- Disturbance, The World Flight Championship
Moriarty enters a prestigious airplane race, with the intent of sabotaging his way into first place, including stealing parts from other entrants to make his plane the best. Mrs. Hudson, Holmes and Watson enter the race in hopes of stopping him.
23- The Secret of the Parrot
When Moriarty goes to great lengths to steal a parrot off a train, Holmes takes up the case to find out what's so special about this parrot.
24- The Bell of Big Ben
Big Ben's bell has been burglarized, but bureaucrats beseech Holmes to keep that bit buried while they search, so as to burke blemishing England's dignity.
25- The Priceless French Doll
Moriarty is after a large diamond, but after hiding it in a doll, he ends up with more than he bargained for.
26- The Missing Bride Affair
A bride vanishes moments before she is to walk down the aisle, and the couples' families come to Holmes for help, but when secrets from the bride's past come to light Holmes has to weigh his options.